Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Coffered Ceiling Trim Pop with Gold Leafing

gold leafed trim, gilded trim, coffered ceiling
Gilded and Glazed Coffered Ceiling Trim
I'm sure you are beginning to notice a pattern with many of my projects. Lots and lots of gold, silver or copper leafing! There's also leafing with patterns in it. I hope to complete a project soon so that I can introduce you to it. I really love working with it. It can be a bit messy but not in a drippy paint way. More of a bits and pieces of leafing floating around. The good news is, it vacums up easily.
This project has been one of my most favorite lately. We completed some really cool ceilings for this client in their dining room and foyer a few months ago. They really wanted to eliminate some of the white trim without feeling like they had to change all of the trim. Since we had "leafed" the trim on the other accent ceilings, it  was a perfect plan to carry that into the coffered ceiling. So this is how we achieved it.
First, we taped off the trim, separating the crown moulding of the room from the coffered trim. We taped square by square and painted as we went. One coat was sufficient since most of it is covered by the gold. I love to have a bit of the base color popping through the cracks here and there. It adds to the aged look.
Ceilings can be done from a ladder, but scaffolding makes it sooo much better! I highly recommend it. Here's the finished brown.

Next, we brushed on the water based size. This is what makes the sheets of leaf stick to the surface. This goes on milky and dries clear, and of course I neglected to take a photo so you'll need to use your imagination. Once dry,  the real fun begins! Applying each sheet, one at a time. This is actually imitation gold and is really shiny at this point.
I have actually had the opportunity to use 22kt gold leafing before. It's much thinner and the sheets are smaller. I hope to blog about it in a future blog. We continued leafing and worked on the ceiling over the course of 2 days.

The client was a little worried that she had made a mistake.... she thought it was done. I assured her with the glaze it would tone down the shimmer and be perfect. So we started glazing in a burnt umber color. The burnt umber gives a rusty tone to the gold but it was just what it needed. You can see the difference here between the glazed and unglazed. It definitely blends better with the walls and the previously finish ceiling
After glazing, we were able to pull all the tape down and see the finished product!

gold coffered trim

gilded coffered ceiling
Does this inspire you to try a new finish on any of  your ceilings? Be sure to sign up to receive my posts by email. I will be giving away a basic gilding kit in the near future. This kit is perfect to use on small projects. Maybe a mirror frame update or a small piece of furniture. The Gilded Planet will be sponsoring this giveaway. I love promoting my product sources. I've spent many years finding the products that work for me and my clients and I am proud to share them with  you!

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  1. It's kind of funny, because I never used to look at ceilings much until I started reading your posts. Now when I walk into a new room or building, I look up!
    The work you do with ceilings and the gold, copper...It's amazing.

    1. Thanks so much Kim! Most people don't think much about their ceilings. But once you have one done, you realize how much character it gives a room! Just like beautiful food tastes sooo much better than plain food. We are visual animals!

  2. It is so luxe looking! Would be hard to resist!

    1. Thanks Jamie! We're pretty close neighbors. If you're ever ready for a cool ceiling, you know where to find me.

  3. So cool. Thanks a bunch for posting this.

  4. Your newest follower from the meet and greet:-) Love the ceiling!

  5. It looks beautiful! I love the way it pulled everything together nicely. Just perfect!

    I've never tried the gold leafing before. I love the look of copper, so maybe I should start with something small and see how I like it.

    1. Cheryl, It is so cool to see something transform. I will be doing a basic gilding kit in the next week or 2 so make sure you sign up by email so you don't miss it!

  6. Hi, visiting from the meet and greet blog hop and now a new follower.

    Nice job on the ceiling.

    Scaffolding does make the job easier but either way, working on a ceiling can put a crook in your neck.


    1. Thanks Darlene! Scary, but ceilings don't really bother my neck anymore. Unless we do too many in one week. :)


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