Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bold Colors for Your Home

If you follow me you know I LOVE color! Along with my color, I'll take a shot of glimmer, glitter or anything shimmery too. According to a recent Houzz article, I might should worry what others think (link at the end of this post). Apparently, understated is most preferred. I'm not a neutral, bright and airy girl. If I want bright and airy, I'll go hang outside. And no floral patterns inside either. But I love my flowers outside. It's interesting that most people prefer a bit of both, bold and neutral. The rest of the folks are extremely opinionated. I guess I fall to the extremely opinionated for color. At one point, my house had a muted turquoise in the dining room, mustard in the foyer and family room and rust walls in the kitchen with a lime green sunroom. Sounds crazy but we loved it. My dining room is still the same. I love my dark turquoise silk drapes. And I got the fabric on clearance for $5.99/yd. because 10 years ago NOBODY was into turquoise.

I'm quite embarrassed that I still have a white ceiling. I guess I paint so many, it's the last thing I want to do in my spare time. I did change my family room and foyer to more of a caramel color but only because I wanted a red leather sectional. Once the red leather sectional came, the rust kitchen no longer worked. It's now a muted olive crackled plaster. The sunroom is still lime green and soon to be on it's way out.

Are you inspired by color or does it make you crazy?

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