Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dramatic Dining Room and Foyer Ceiling Makeover

My client of many years wanted to update the painting in her home. When she moved to her new home, for some reason she hired another artist to do some work for her. They did a fabulous job in the powder room, but the dining room was lacking, for a dining room. It would have been super cute for a kids room or a nursery (see cloud mural below). She wanted to paint over it and do something more elegant. There was also a unique trey ceiling in the foyer as well. We had done a metallic wax finish in the coffered ceiling of her family room several years ago. It had a chocolate base with champagne, gold and bronzey red metallic.
All three ceilings needed to work together. We were repainting the walls to have a warmer, copper undertone. So we decided to do a very similar finish in the foyer. Instead of gold we used copper. We also pulled the copper from the foyer into the dining tray ceiling. Treating the trim the trim of both ceilings with copper leafing added more drama and eliminated some white trim with out feeling the need to do all the trim. Here's the before dining and foyer photo.
Dining ceiling before
Foyer ceiling before
Both ceilings were taped off and painted a chocolate brown, including the trim. Then we taped off the trim so we could finish the ceilings. 

The dining room ceiling was painted a red bronze metallic in a brush metal technique.

When that was dry, we added a copper metallic glaze. This added additional dimension to the ceiling and softened the contemporary feel of the brushed metal technique.

After this dried overnight, we were able to tape off the ceiling so that the trim could be completed. We did the dining ceiling trim and the foyer ceiling trim in the same color and technique. I order all of my leafing supplies from The Gilded Planet. They have everything you could ever need for gilding. For all the foodies out there, they even have edible gold leaf! That's something I must try someday!
Back to our trim. We applied one coat of water based size. It goes on milky, but dries clear. Once dry, it will remain tacky for 24 hours. Size is what makes the sheets of leaf stick to your surface. It dries pretty quick, less than 1 hour. Now the fun part.. we start applying each 6" x6" copper leaf square side by side. I love an old worn look so I don't work about cracks and holidays. It adds to the character. You can get total coverage if you want that look.
It's very Las Vegas shiny at this point. You can burnish it to tone it down but I prefer to glaze it with an umber oil glaze or even stain can work. I talk about metal leafing in a bit more detail in my Silver Leafed Chest of Drawers post. The Gilded Planet also has some excellent tutorials.
After painting the foyer ceiling brown, we applied our 3 metallic wax colors, champagne, copper and burnished red with a brush then blended it together with a flexible trowel. If you are curious about the technique, let me know and I'll do a tutorial.

We did the trim the same as the dining ceiling trim. Once everything was dry, we glazed the ceiling and the trim with the same umber glaze.

metallic tray ceiling, dining ceiling, copper leafed trim
Copper metallic tray ceiling
copper leafed trim, metallic foyer ceiling,
Metallic wax tray ceiling

So which ceiling do you like best?

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  1. Edible gold leaf DOES sound like something I need to try out! =0)
    I like that metallic wax tray ceiling, but both are very nice. I like the copper undertone, because it gives the rooms a nice warm feeling. Great job!

    1. Thanks Kim! I definitely like my drama on walls and ceilings and NOT in my life. I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. This is absolutely gorgous! New follower from you coming to follow me, I'm glad you did. Love for you to come to my link party going on now at
    Lets Keep in touch.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

    1. Thanks Wanda! I will try to pop in this week but definitely next week! Love to see photos of other states!

  3. I love the Copper metallic tray ceiling!

  4. Both pretty but I really love the copper!

  5. Wow is a wonderful work, your blog is very beautiful and interesting, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

  6. Both are stunning! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. Wow! Both of them are truly wonderful, but I think I might be leaning towards the copper one. I think the other one is a little difficult to see to the fullest.
    I am your newest follower,
    Bev @

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