Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wine Glass Painting Party

I've always pondered doing classes, helping homeowners do various painting things for themselves. I never seem to have enough time to coordinate it to perfection, so it has remained a "someday".
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my neighbors was asking about paints for painting wine glasses. She wanted to do some as gifts for Christmas. Then she asked have you ever thought about doing classes for amatures? "I'm sure I could get some friends together" she said. I wanted to say no because it's "the holidays". Crazy schedules, panic attacks, etc. But I said yes. I thought about the details off the top of my head and tossed it back to her. She came back with "I've got 6 confirmed and can probably get more. Is Tuesday too soon?" I gasped! Appointments, a house full of furniture that needs painting for custom orders
I said "No problem".
I am so glad I did it. I didn't stress over the details. I pulled together everything I knew we would need. Just had to purchase lots of wine glasses.

The plan was for each person to complete 4 glasses. These girls were so creative! They came in and got right to work. We had red and green, and purple pink and blue. Gold and black and blue. Purple black and silver. So much talent in my "amatures"!

The girls brought their wine and had an enjoyable Girls Night Out! There's talk about squeezing in another before Christmas. I think it's something I may start offering every month. If you are in the Indian Trail, Matthews, Charlotte area and interested in a creative GNO, let me know. Here's their final products. I'm baking them tonight to set the paint and they are picking them up tomorrow.

And of course I sell hand painted wine glasses in my Etsy store. Mostly made to order custom, so if you have a need for hand painted wine glasses just let me know.


  1. That sounds like so much fun!!!

    1. There was lots of fun had by all!

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