Monday, November 19, 2012

Color Run

So I ran my very first 5K this past weekend! It was soooo much fun! The Color Run is after all the "Happiest 5K on the planet! If you've never run a 5K before (3.1 miles for those of us who don't speak kilometers), this is a perfect start. There is no pressure and it is not timed.
The real goal is to get as much color on you as possible. There are color stations at every 1K. Here you slow down, spin around, dance whatever makes you happy while they throw colored corn starch on you. It goes by really fast! As you approach the end, you're thinking "Wow! I've already run 3.1 miles??"
It was a gorgeous day for a run! Here are a few photos from my Iphone (wrapped in plastic).
Before the run it was pretty chilly in Charlotte. It was bearable in the sun but felt freezing in the shade. After the run, had to protect my phone camera from all the color flying around so pics are a bit fuzzy. So much fun to be doused in color along the way!

Such an awesome day with many of the girls I do "bootcamp" with. Yes, we work out with a trainer out side in the high school parking lot at 5:30 am 3 days a week. We are gluttons for punishment. Actually, I love exercising out doors!

If you want to see some fantastic photos my local friend Whitney Grey was also there. She is an amazing photographer! Weddings, family photos, senior pictures, she does it all! She got some fantastic shots of the day. You should check them out on her blog.  The Color Run sells out fast. If it's coming to your area you should go for it! I hope to see my locals in Charlotte next year!


  1. Congratulations on completing your first 5k.

    1. Thanks so much Tricia!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Awwww thanks so much, Sandy, for your sweet compliments and recommendation!! The Color Fun was AWESOME, wasn't it? Have to do it again next time!

    1. We will coordinate and do it together! Happy to help a fellow artist. :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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