Sunday, November 18, 2012

Girls Scrapbook Weekend

I have not yet mastered the science/art of blogging in the moment. That being said, many of my posts are of things that happened weeks ago....maybe longer. I like to ponder my posts.
So a few weekends ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of being part of an annual girls weekend. We've all been scrap booking for years, and started this 3 years ago. One of my dear friends has the benefit of a cabin on the lake. We are always blessed with gorgeous weather. It is always a much needed retreat from our daily lives of juggling work and family.
We scrap book at our own pace and sometimes complete other projects, we enjoy brisk walks and chocolate and wine. Not necessarily in that order. We each pitch in to provide meals that are mostly healthy, although there is usually enough for us to have stayed for a week. And there is always a chic flick, although as each year passes more of us miss the ending because we are resting our eyes (My Dad used to say that all the time as he was dozing in the recliner).
If you are raising children and don't make time for yourself and don't take time to develop girlfriend relationships, I encourage you to start now. It is more difficult when children are young, but it is crucial as they get older. My group is living the middle school and teen years, and some have begun to marry theirs off.
I am so blessed to have such an awesome group of girls in my life. They are there to talk to and they understand.

And here are a few of my completed pages. Yes I'm a bit behind.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Scrapbooking is super fun and to have a girl's getaway to do it sounds amazing!


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