Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year and One Week!

Happy 2014! I hope your year is getting off to a fabulous start and I hope everyone had a wonderful December holiday. It seems that the late Thanksgiving made it a challenge for all. It was frantic for me since this was the first time in about 20 years that I worked a "day" job and didn't take Christmas week off or have down time to get all the extra Christmas cheer completed! And my Mom treated me and my sister to a long weekend in NYC! It was awesome! I was hoping to post about it last month but would it be weird if I post in a few weeks? So of course, my apologies for no Christmas cards and no baked goodies. I'll do better next year!
I know my blogging is still taking a back seat but I'm finding that working full time and doing some weekend "Painting the Town" and "Savard Studios" Etsy stuff is about all I have time for. I do think I will find a better balance in the coming months so please just bear with me. I truly love all of my jobs and I would love to even post about my new career in medical devices. Would you be interested in hearing about that?
I'm still slowly working on my master bedroom makeover. I had to change direction a bit but I'll post on that later.
I've been working on some painting jobs but nothing too extravagant. I do have a few fun painting projects coming up and will be sure to post those too. I have some furniture makeovers as well and am hoping to do a showcase of furniture before and afters. This piece sold on Etsy and it is in process.
round pedestal table, scrolled base table
 It's a simple makeover but it will be gorgeous! I was tempted to keep it for myself!
This dresser is also in process.

I'm planning to do a simple white with cut glass knobs.

I found these knobs on Etsy. I'll leave the option to the buyer to have it distressed for a cottage look or to polyurethane it with a high gloss finish for a laquered, hollywood regency look. Which style would you choose?
I really miss blogging and interacting! Please nudge me occasionally to remind me someone is anxiously awaiting a new post! Stay warm!!


  1. Thanks for your new post Sandy and I'd love to read about your new job. So happy that you are enjoying what you do. When we thaw out of this frozen tundra let's go for a walk and coffee. I miss you sweet friend!

    1. A walk and coffee sounds awesome! I miss you and can't wait to hear about your AMAZING trip!!

  2. You've been super busy! As for blogging do whatever you want to share I'm always interested in what folks are doing :)

    1. Thanks Mel! I always love seeing what people are up to. Thanks for checking in while you're on holiday!


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