Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pinterest Projects That I Actually Completed

So everyone has them. The boring, pine knife block that holds all of your very special knives. They sit on your countertop and keep your knives, point down, at your fingertips. They are not very attractive, unless you like a solid chunk of blond wood.
As I was perusing Pinterest some time ago I found this awesome photo where someone had painted their knife block.

I immediately thought, I will be painting mine..turquoise and red. So I was on a mission this week to get several pieces of furniture painted for my Etsy store and Blacklion and a few for clients as well. I decided to throw the knife block into the mix as well. I had some turquoise chalk paint and decided that would do. Also had a stencil that fit the sides nicely.

So this is my finished product, except it didn't quite suit me. So I broke out the sandpaper and distressed it a bit.

MUCH better! What small household projects are you working on these days?

Another amazing idea I found was cleaning paint brushes. Right?! I have so many with paint dried in them. It's so hard to get it all out. You may  never use ivory soap to wash you face again when you see what it does to dried paint! Moms, don't EVER leave your baby in a bath tub with a bar of ivory soap again!! Baby might not be there when you return! Seriously!

You should check out this link, but basically you put a bar of ivory soap into a container of water. It will mostly dissolve. I soaked the brushes overnight. After soaking, I used a scrub brush to comb the bristles. The results are amazing!!
After cleaning
Before soaking
I've kept the solution sitting in my work sink. I just keep adding brushes to it and letting them soak. What a great discovery! I hope this was helpful to you!

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  1. Your knife block looks great! I like the distressing very much.

    And, geez, that ivory soap is a lot stronger than I thought! I would have never thought ot use it to clean paint brushes!

    1. Thanks!
      I always thought Ivory soap was supposed to be gentle? Who knew?

  2. It looks great :) Thanks for sharing. I really like the distressed look too :)

  3. That looks awesome! I think I may give it a go too :D

    1. Thanks! Would love to see your's when it's done!

  4. I like the distressed look too. Sort of like my life! Great tip on cleaning the brushes with Ivory soap. I'll have to try that!

    1. I love the imperfection of distressed paint! Maybe we should allow a little imperfection into our lives too! Drop the sails and ride out the storm!


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