Thursday, August 9, 2012

Clock Tower Mural

So it seems I don't get to do too many murals these days. I usually let Robin, my trusty side kick, handle them because that is her passion. She is busy this month working on an awesome huge canvas mural project. She' s doing it for the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. You can see her progress on her Facebook page at
So completing this project was all on me (aside from the boy brawn needed from my teens to help erect scaffolding).
My client wanted something interesting to frame and camouflage the 90+" television. It's hard to make a tv that large be inconspicuous. But hopefully your eye is drawn to the mural. :)

Right! Bet you didn't even notice the television. Here are some shots of the mural in progress. Hope you enjoy! I could have spent many more days adding to and tweeking, but when it comes to murals you just have to stop when you've done everything proposed and the client is happy!

Anybody have any crazy mural ideas? Would love to complete them for you this fall!


  1. I didn't even see the television until you mentioned it - so I think you did what you meant to do! Also? It looks pretty cool.


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