Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grand Two Story Ceiling

Some people think ceilings should just be ceiling white. Those people are wrong. If you've never seen a ceiling finished in a soft metallic decorative finish or faux finish, you may feel the same way. Once you've done one ceiling, you want them all done. It's highly addictive, like cocaine or heroin. We've considered adding warning lables to our business cards. Warning "Women who are pregnant or nursing should not have a faux finish in your home, because you will want more and more and then you won't be able to send your baby to college". OK, maybe I'm exagerating. We're not that expensive and it's fabulous to have your entire home done....tastefully.
Ceiling before
So this client has a two story ceiling. She wanted a metallic finish to reflect some light and to lighten the walls. This is the dramatic transformation.
First layer of tan silk paint, brushed randomly
This is the final ceiling with a ragged glaze of a slightly darker color silk paint. Very subtle but it definitely makes an impression when you walk into the foyer. I will be making some changes in the following months to my blog. I'm getting closer to my goal to be able to revel my special vendors. If you have do-it-yourselfer friends and family, please encourage them to follow my blog and comment as they like. Most of my products, I don't buy locally, so it will be a tremendous resource for those looking to get professional results on their own.
You can see more examples of my finishes at Thanks so much for following and sharing!

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