Monday, April 16, 2012

Elegant Dining Room Transformation

One of my clients recently retired to a lovely ground floor condo. The only problem was that there is no window in the dining room.
Dining Room Before
So while many dining rooms are beautiful with rich, bold colors, that wasn't an option for her. We decided to stay neutral and light, and pull in a metallic finish to reflect any available light.The ceiling is a fabulous, simple finish in one of my favorite metallic paints. It's not Las Vegas shiny, but instead leaves one thinking of the shimmer of fine silk. Simple and elegant for any room. Our first ceiling layer is brushed on randomly.
The second layer is mixed with a bit of glaze and smooshed around with a rag.

The walls are done in a similar neutral color, but in a metallic plaster. The first layer moves along much better with two people. One person trowels on a thin coat in 3' X 3' sections. The second person, wearing gloves, creates a stried vertical pattern using their fingers.

Once complete, the wall has very slight vertical texture.

The next step is also done in a metallic plaster in a lighter tone than the base layer. This is scraped on tightly with a spatula. This is the finished wall!

The finished room after pulling tape.

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