Monday, January 7, 2013

Savard Studios (AKA Painting the Town) Goals for 2013

My head is always spinning this time of the year! What do I want to change this year? What do I hope to achieve? I've always been very goal oriented, looking ahead at things I am aiming for and laying out a plan to achieve it. Last year (2012) was very difficult for me in that many things were out of my control. Because of that, I have let numerous things go in order to focus on what I can control.
I am continuing on that path this year and forging ahead. Painting the Town has always done well and I will continue to work with all my existing clients and any new ones that come my way. My online Etsy store has done quite well for a first year start up. I will continue my efforts there as well. I do plan to merge the two together under the Savard Studios name. Keeping them separate is too difficult and I like my Savard Studios logo. Watch for those changes coming soon! I have so many ideas for my store and not enough hours in the day, but I will keep adding new items as time permits.
I plan to grow my blog this year by adding sponsors, sponsored posts, product reviews and add some product give away's also. I would love to video how to tutorials on my blog, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I would love to hear from you and understand what changes you would like to see.
I have numerous projects around my house that I hope to conquer and share with you.
My sun room walls have needed updating  for quite sometime. The lime green metallic no longer works with anything else in the house. Believe it or not it did at one time.
Lime green metallic plaster
This may also be the year to tackle the ceiling at the same time. My foyer ceiling and dining room ceiling have been neglected for far too long. Time permitting those will see a makeover this year.
My bonus room turned studio has carpet that is 13 years old, has been through boys that were 4 and 6 when we moved in, all their sleepovers and friends, sharpies, kool aid and juice boxes (not allowed on the carpet), 4 dogs over the years (one diabetic), numerous paint projects with no floor protection because I finally gave up caring. Needless to say, it is trashed.

I am embarrassed to show this but can't wait to transform it. Since it is still my studio, I want to be frugal because I paint. As careful as I try to be, paint spatters, spills, etc. So until I retire (is that word even in the dictionary anymore?) I will get creative. I have a crazy plan. I think it will be awesome. It might be a total disaster. Make sure you tune in for the process. I promise it will be something never seen before.
And while I'm throwing it all out there, my master bedroom is crying for some new style. It did get changed about 7 years ago. But I never completed the transformation. Three years ago, we got a puppy. The first "chewer" we've ever had. She ate holes in 2 sets of sheets, while still on the bed. She ate at least 3 pillows with shams. She ate through 2 duvet covers into the down comforter. She ate holes in 2 coverlets. I am not kidding! Its been at least nine months since she's chewed up anything so I hope we are done. You can understand our hesitation to do anything. But I think it's time. It's also time for new carpet. I'll add that to the wish list as well.
I will achieve these things in between "painting the town" and painting furniture to ship all over the world. Like I said, sometimes I have to let things go. Might consider deleting this post......


  1. I hope you don't delete it! It's good to have a list of things you want to do :-) Dogs can be very destructive - one I had years ago managed to eat part of the carpet covering some stairs when he was a bored puppy! ...

    Love your blog - found it via Chatterblossom


    1. Thanks Michele! Glad I'm not alone in the destructive puppy journey! Thanks for following!

  2. My goodness, you are going to be one busy lady!! I wish you luck in your ventures and look forward to seeing what you accomplish! ;-)


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