Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Baddest Gym in Town!

So this post is related to painting, in that we did some decorative painting in one of the coolest gym’s in town. This is the Matthews, NC location that houses Carolina Adventure Boot Camp, as well as the personal trainers that run it. My sister in law is one of the owners. I’ve been working out in her “boot camp” Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 am since October. It was brutal at first (not the getting up early, been doing that for years!), but the physical intensity. But, the plus side is you see results so much faster than easing into it. You get a great sense of accomplishment as you  see you strength and endurance increase. And once it’s done at 6:30 and you have your whole day ahead of you! ( You don’t feel so bad about the bottle of wine, bag of chips or chocolate cake you ate the night before. Who am I kidding, I never feel bad about it anyway…)
So they selected some very simple slate looking vinyl for the bathrooms and hallway. It had very rich color, so from that we quickly decided on some wall colors. We choose a slate blue venetian plaster for the bathrooms. For the main body of the personal training area, we choose a warm goldish terracotta. We glazed the back wall with an iridescent gold glaze. Once dry, we glazed over that with a very warm burnt umber glaze. We also glazed the hall wall with the burn umber glaze. All colors looked fabulous with the flooring and the gym equipment. This is not your father’s gym! It looks amazing and is so inviting to work out in. Makes you look forward to it! I’ll let you be your own judge.

Carolina Adventure Boot Camp, offers women only camps, co-ed camps, personal training, nutritional training and they have a massage therapist onsite. If you are looking for a great work out and wanting to get in shape, check out Maria’s website. I would love to see you out there! http://www.carolinaadventurebootcamp.com/site/index.php.

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  1. Fantastic colors - So warm & inviting & completely different than what you typically see in a gym.

    I love your attitude - No guilt! I mean why feel bad about enjoying a piece of cake? It's already done, so time to move on :)



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