Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love a Silver-leafed Bath Vanity

While looking for fabulous, new bath vanities I found this site They have some incredibly unique, bath ideas. Some very modern and contemporary vanities, sinks and cabinets, all very unique. Many of the finishes could be replicated to any existing bathroom. The lights, mirror and lines of the vanity are very simple. How awesome is the contrast of the brown and silver? Love IT!
Cerasa Paestum bath vanity in silver leaf finish
Silver leafing the cabinet and adding the crystal knobs would be pretty simple for a professional. I love to do some silver leafing and gold leafing. It would also be a fun project for a motivated do it yourselfer. Be warned, it is messy. You will find silver flakes around your house for weeks! I haven't created a tutorial for leafing, but I found this awesome tutorial from Lindsay Ballard. This is from her Living with Lindsay Blog.
The walls could easily be achieved by starting with a flat brown paint, then picking your favorite damask stencil to add some beautiful silver pattern. My favorite resource for stencils is Royal Design Studios They have a huge selection of very current stencils and supplies.
Choose your favorite silver paint, but don't get one with a steel, or blue undertone and you'll be on your way to a fantastic, new metropolitan bathroom!

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